January 19, 2010

Tibetan Residential Quarters in New York or New Jersey, US

Registration for the Model Tibet Village, the planned Tibetan Residential Quarters, remains open and has been extended for six more months to 10 July 2010. However, we encourage you to fill out the following registration form and register with our office before then. The registration fee is now $100. This fee will be returned if the project is cancelled due to lack of participation from the community.

A Tibetan Residential Quarters, an exclusive Tibetan community, will be built in New Jersey within the radius of 10 miles from New York City. This project will be undertaken by the Tibetan Housing Society, with the Office of Tibet, New York, providing necessary support and guidance.

An apartment complex of 1 or 2 bedroom units will be built, and the units will then be sold off to individual families. The apartment complex, which is to be a model Tibetan village, will contain a temple, a day care center, a recreation center, a basketball court and a library. The actual cost of each family will be determined only after we have enough interested people have committed. However, we estimate the cost to be between $250,000 to $280,000.

You are encouraged to contact Ms. Tenzin Dickyi at and/or 212-213-5010 x14 for further information or for pdf copies of the Project proposal/Registration Form/Cost Information in English or Tibetan.



Registration Form

“Model Tibet Village”
Tibetan Residential Quarters in New York or New Jersey, US
Proposed by Tibetan Housing Society


Registration # ________________________ Date ___________________

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ Zip ________________ State _________________

Cell # ____________________________Res. # ________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Total Number of Family : _____________ Children: _____________


I fulfill the following criteria to buy a housing unit of the Model Tibet Village Project:

[ ] I have good credit history (Please attach pre-approval document for bank loan).
[ ] I have paid the non-refundable Registration Fee of $100
[ ] I am prepared to pay down payment for the cost of Land $20,000 (NJ) (This amount is required to be paid at the time of making legal agreement between the buyer and the seller. The amount will be deducted from the final selling price.)
[ ] I am prepared to pay 25% Down payment

I am willing to purchase one unit of my preference as under
[ ] 1 Bedrooms/1 Bath Unit
[] 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Unit


Signature ______________________________________Date ______________________

Witness’ Name __________________________Signature _________________________

Witness’s Contact Address ________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________ Phone # ________________________



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